The Detox (that isn't really a detox)

My favourite phrase to overhear in January is typically: “I think I’ve been eating non-stop for an entire month.” We’ve all been there when we’re sick of the sight of mince pies and even the spinach-haters among us start craving something green. 

The temptation is to go all-out and attempt some radical new diet where you fast for hours, drink specially-pressed juices and generally feel a bit hungry and miserable for a few weeks before you give up, because it’s completely unsustainable.

What if I told you there is a detox that allows you to eat loads of REAL FOOD, still drink coffee, have more energy and lose up to a stone in 28 days?

Before I joined the Reebok UK team, I set up a gym and wrote nutrition programmes for our members. I designed them around real food with as few restrictions as possible, and the results were so good that I want to make them available to anyone who feels they might need a change in nutrition. One member called Tim lost over 1 stone on this detox:

“My fitness has always been pretty good and at home we eat relatively healthy food. We make as much as possible from scratch, washed down with a beer or a nice bottle of wine, and sometimes a chocolate bar as a treat because I’ve been good with my healthy food and a long walk or bike ride. But ‘I just can’t shift this weight’ – who was I kidding?!

“I found myself signing up for a free two weeks at Fit Missions, and when they told me about the detox I thought I’d give it a try. The plan was easy to follow and didn’t contain ingredients you can only get from obscure places. I had more energy and the weight started to drop off. I was even allowed a treat day which I took full advantage of. Although the detox is over it has completely changed how I think about food and I continue to follow much of the same routine as I did during those 4 weeks. It is not a chore by any means, this is now just a way of life. The team have been incredible and I owe them such a debt of gratitude for all their support and encouragement. Long may it continue!”

I've created three versions of the detox for you to choose from:

  • Paleo Menu 
  • Vegetarian Menu
  • Dairy and Gluten Free Menu

You can claim your copy by getting in touch via Instagram, email or the contact form below, and letting me know which detox you'd like. I know it may seem weird to contact a real human being and not automate the whole thing - totally goes against the rules of scalability and digital prowess I'm sure - but by getting in touch and letting me know what you want to get out of doing the detox, I can support you far better than I can if you simply download it anonymously and get added to a mailing list. So - drop me a message and let's do this thing!

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