Drop me a message below or @denvertronix if you'd like more phone-free adventures and stress-free nutrition. I'll be updating this website as often as I can with new nutrition info - especially on beating the bloat caused by modern-day stresses - and UK-wide adventures. Coming soon are: 

  • Spartan Race Scotland and Windsor - what's the fuss about, how do you prepare and most importantly how much fun are they?!
  • Ragnar Relay Take 2 - how 170 miles feels (in the dark) when you remember the lack of sleep from 2017
  • Peak District trails - how to throw yourself down a hill with reckless abandon (and live to tell the tale)
  • Tough Mudder London South - what happens when you compile your crew to take on a high-spirited OCR
  • Anti-inflammatory diets - and how to make them sustainable.

Genuinely, honestly - this site is for you, and anyone who's ever felt overwhelmed by social media, how confident everyone else seems, or how you're sick of feeling over-tired, overweight or over-bloated no matter how hard you try. Let me know what you need the antidote to - it's time to reclaim our lives in a world where everything often seems over-processed. There's a real world out there waiting...let's go and get it.